Website Design Co.

 Website Design Co is a Website Design and Search Engine Optimization company with a difference.

We don't just design your website, we also make sure that the money you pay towards creating the website is invested in marketing your website online - search engine optimization and website marketing - the all in one solution.  We assist prospective clients from choosing and obtaining suitable domain names, to hosting their websites (adding email accounts etc.) and of course, designing and marketing the website to the world.


- Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Solutions has become essential with the creation of any good website design, sites need to be found in Google, and preferably in the top ten positions.NO 1

With Website Design Co's website marketing efforts you can be assured that your website will be fully optimized with Google friendly techniques to represent your products and services to the maximum. Our clients typically get ranked in the top ten positions on Google for their products and services due to the maximization techniques used - after all - What's the point if you have a shop, but nobody knows where it is

Our unique approach to website design and online marketing benefits you, the customer in that you don't have to pay additional fees to have your website optimized for the search engines, it is all included in our uniquely structured website design packages.

We have great website design packages for start-up companies
that could be structured to include online shop facilities:

  • Basic custom built websites for start-up companies

  • custom designed templates built on open source e-commerce online shopping cart solution.

  • search engine optimized Content Management Systems - custom built to your requirements.

  • Event Management, Diary, Bookings Modules and many more

  • Detailed Statistical reports at your fingertips, because it matters what your website do, who you reach and from what activity


We have a wealth of information, free software and search optimization links just waiting for the potential website owners to explore. If you are looking into trying your hand at designing your own website, so register with us and receive access to our standard online business owner information dashboard.

Should you wish to subscribe to our premium user dashboard you will also receive access to our custom designed templates, software to help with your search engine optimization and very useful links to sites and resources to make you reach your goal, be the first to be found in the generic / organic search results in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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