Website Design Co.

Website Design

 At The Website Design Company we create functional usable websites.

Your website should be filled with useful information, and easy to find.

We don't just create flashy websites that impresses the world (or those that actually wait the download time to to see them)...

Why Not?

 Because Google don't like them, that's why!  

And when you own a website, believe me, Google should be your very best friend.  Our solutions include easy to use database backed websites (we use MYSQL driven databases) for online shopping, or plain XHTML, and html websites for small product display websites.  Using our Joomla content management websites we are able to easily hand the management of the website over the the owner, and with a little bit of training you will be the master of your own (website) destiny in no time!. 

A great advantage to our website design services is we have no expensive maintenance contracts (although if you want we can continue helping you with yours at our normal rates).  

We try keeping costs to you to a minimum, with open source products like shopping charts, scripts, counters and more to make sure you get the most of your website, for the lowest costs possible.

We have structured a few very affordable web design packages to suit your pocket,

take a look at your affordable website design packages!

Want to try your hand at designing your own website?

Register as a member and follow our free 4 part training course on how to do it best, with the least amount of cost!

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